What Colour Fence Paint Makes my Garden Look Bigger and Better

what colour fence paint makes garden look bigger

Just painting your fence a certain colour can transform your garden border into something that looks more spacious. We discuss our favourite fence paint colours to make your garden look bigger

Cream Paint

If you’re looking to make your garden look more spacious, paint it white. White is a neutral colour that won’t clash with most other colours. It will also stand out against greenery and makes the garden appear larger than it actually is.


Grey fences are best for making your garden look bigger. To make it look even bigger and more spacious, you could choose a white fence paint that has a grey tinge to it.

Blue Fences

Blue is another great colour for a fence. It’s a bright, bold colour that makes your garden feel open and inviting. Try painting your fence blue to make it feel like an extension of the sky above you.

Soft Pink

Soft pink shades are perfect for garden borders. This colour can make a small scene feel grand and will complement almost any garden theme you have.

Light Blue

Light blue is a great colour to paint your garden fence. This colour can make your garden look like it has more space and bigger borders. Light blue is also a great choice for fences that don’t need too much maintenance. Another reason why light blue is a successful colour to paint your fence in is because people associate light blue with the sky and calmness. If you have an active family, then painting your garden with light blue could help soothe everyone’s nerves when they’re out of their home.

So What Colour Fence Paint Makes my Garden Look Bigger

We think light blue is the winner

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