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We also offer a  Garden Maintenance subscription service to both residential and commercial customers, on a monthly or quarterly basis. This is a perfect option for those looking to maintain a beautiful garden landscape all year round, with regular maintence and service as required. Our quarterly Garden Maintenance Dublin subscription service consists of one full garden tidy and two garden maintenance jobs per quarter.

What is Garden Maintenance?

Garden Maintenance refers to the ongoing effort required to keep a garden looking its best. Of course, this means different things to different people, so your garden may only require a weekly lawn cut, or you may require more involved garden maintenance.

Garden Maintenance refers to the ongoing effort required to keep a garden looking its best. Of course, this means different things to different people, so your garden may only require a weekly lawn cut, or you may require more involved garden maintenance. Of course, it depends on the garden, because the more plants you have (and the more diverse your plant portfolio is), the more upkeep you’ll have to do.

How much does garden maintenance cost? Check our Subscription Plans below!

What does garden maintenance involve?

Maintaining a garden on a regular basis entails a variety of tasks, including:


1. Lawn maintenance (mowing, strimming, laying)
2. Weeding
3. Fertilisers and pesticides are applied 
4. Organising (or garden clearance)
5. Washing
6. Hedge trimming and cutting
7. Pruning
8. Planting

This, of course, is dependent on the season. For example, more pruning and tidying is done in the winter, while planting and washing the decking is done in the spring. You’ll be mowing your lawn and weeding your garden this summer. Autumn is a good time to plant bulbs in preparation for the spring, as well as rake and remove any spent vegetable plants.

Why is garden maintenance important?

Why you should be concerned about your garden upkeep, you might wonder? Isn’t it possible to deal with it in the spring? Well… Garden Maintenance should be a top priority if you want your garden to work for you. Keep up with small maintenance tasks like raking leaves and pruning bushes to avoid large, heavy, difficult jobs down the road. 


Regularly maintaining your garden is also important if you plan to hire additional help at some point – this will prevent you from overpaying for tidying or cleaning tasks that you could have avoided by performing some light regular maintenance. This is also something to remember for yourself: doing small, regular tasks during the off-seasons (autumn and winter) makes the big jobs easier to handle once spring and summer arrive.

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The garden should be a haven for sweet-smelling flowers, a sanctuary for little singing birds, colourful butterflies, lovely evergreen shrubs, and an attractive and well-designed space for humans. In reality, this may not always be the case because some effort and Garden Services are required to make it appear as the colourfully-painted place in people’s minds. If you are repulsed rather than drawn to the beauty of your garden, it is most likely because it lacks garden tidy up service and garden maintenance service, and that’s why Hunter Garden Care can Help You to get started on restoring it to what it was when it was first designed, hopefully a beautiful and captivating appearance.

If you’re still unsure what to include in your garden clearance and Garden Maintenance projects, consider the following suggestions.


Garden Turf and Garden Lawn Care is an important aspect that you should not overlook. Despite the fact that all areas are important, some require more attention than others, and the lawn and turf are at the center of this. You should emphasize the grass cutting and lawn maintenance activities in this section. You should also mention garden fencing. This should include scarifying to remove any debris or leaves. Other factors to consider include top dressing and lawn aeration.

Another aspect of Garden Maintenance service that you should keep in mind is the maintenance of hedges and flower beds. Hedge trimming is a major operation in garden maintenance for this section. You should emphasize the need for pruning as well as weed prevention in your garden. You should be aware that fungus disease is very common in gardens, so disease prevention is essential. Also, pest control should not be overlooked. You may already have a basic Garden checklist, but there are a few things you can add to your Garden Maintenance Dublin service provider.

When it comes to your garden, you should also consider your outdoor amenities, such as the patio, deck, and driveways. They, too, must be cleaned because they contribute to the overall functionality of your garden. It is necessary to remove all unwanted items from the area.

If you’ve figured out everything you need to do, the next step is to find a garden service provider. We offer outstanding Gardening Services in Dublin. You should locate one that satisfies all of your requirements for restoring order to your garden. In general, you should look for a lawn and hedge maintenance company that can handle tasks such as grass cutting and mowing, hedge trimming and pruning, and overall lawn and hedge care.

If you need a garden service company that will do a good job for you, look at what they’ve done in the past and read what people are saying about them in online reviews to find the best one.


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