How to keep cats out of your garden? Best 9 Tips to Help

How to keep cats out of your garden

So how to keep cats out of your garden? Is this even a problem? Do cats love Gardens? If your lovingly cared-for lawn is being ruined by frequent visits from neighboring cats, there are a number of steps you can take to humanely deter cats from entering your land especially if you have invested in garden maintenance lately

Due to the high number of unwanted feline visits, outdoor experts Hunter Garden Care will reveal nine methods that Irish homeowners can use to prevent local cats from pooping in their gardens and from entering in the first place. 

As a friendly reminder, cats should never be harmed, and they are protected under the Animal Welfare Act of 2006. Installing high, close-boarded fences is an obvious first step in making it difficult for cats to enter your garden.’

So How to keep cats out of your garden? Below is 8 Tips

1. Take care of the mess 

Check that the bins are secure, declutter to remove any potential hiding places for mice, sweep up any enticing food waste, check for any potential toys, and dispose of any existing cat poop used to mark their territory.

2. Uneven terrain 

To make a difficult surface to walk on, place chicken wire under mulch or embed it in the top layer of soil (with holes cut out for plants); cats will also avoid areas covered in stones or pebbles.

3. Cats hate noises

To deter unwanted visitors, buy a high-frequency ultrasound device, hang a sensitive bell on the garden fence, or fill a tin with stones that will rattle when disturbed by a cat.

4. The Cat Zone 

Create a separate area for cats to keep them from exploring the rest of the yard; use plants like catnip and a sandbox to act as a toilet and keep the problem of cat poo contained.

5. Obstacles 

Place a collection of pine cones or branches in gaps around bedding to create a bristly obstacle for cats that doesn’t ruin the garden’s natural look or cause them pain.

6. Sensitive plants 

Introduce stinky plants that cats despise to problem areas to persuade them to leave; good choices include coleus canina and lavender.

7. Unpleasant Odours

Commercial cat repellents that contain predators’ odors may cause them to flee, while scattering coffee granules or citrus peel (orange, lemon, lime, or grapefruit) around the yard may also deter feline visitors. 

If you do decide to use an approved cat repellent product on the market, the RSPCA advises that you make sure it’s a licensed product and that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may constitute a criminal offense, resulting in unnecessary suffering for the cat.

8. Should I get a dog?

Having a loud and energetic canine ready to greet them with an enthusiastic bark is one sure way to deter any cats from visiting your property.

9. Using Water cannon 

Fill a children’s water pistol with water and keep it handy to gently drive away any unruly cats who keep invading the garden. Please make sure it’s low-powered and squirted near the cat rather than directly at it.

So the question of How to keep cats out of your garden? I think that’s enough to deter our furry friends

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